Making Modern Staircases For Your Luxury Interior Design Project

The staircase, stairway or, simply, stairs is a type of structure designed to bridge or join a large vertical distance by connecting smaller vertical distances together to produce a walkway. The vertical distance encompasses the entire length of the stairs, while the smaller distances are the steps. Together, they combine what we know as the staircase, which allows people to ascend and descend at will.

Stairs have a relatively straightforward design. Most stairs are straight, but plenty of designs exist where they’re round or have several straight pieces connected at angles to produce the overall design. Believe it or not, they’re also easy to change in looks. Many interior designers today have exercised their design prowess to produce stairs truly befitting a modern home.

Even Yomar Consulting can help you create the perfect modern staircase for your home interior design project. We reinforce our design prowess by knowing what modern staircase designs belong in modern homes. In fact, let’s take a look at some current staircase trends that might find a way into your future luxury interior design project.

Modern staircases for luxury interior design projects

Did you know some ignore stairs until the very last phases of the interior design process? Stairs are actually one of the first areas that should be tackled in the design process. They literally connect two areas of the home together, so they have every right to be one of the first major designs in your luxury interior design project.

Today’s modern designers have designed stairs to fit plenty of modern homes. Let’s take a look at some modern stair designs found in luxury homes today.

Some modern staircases use beautiful Warhol-inspired tiles, designed by 14 Ora Italiana, to create an elegant, yet creative design. These Uonuon tiles are made from wood grain porcelain and come in fourteen different colors.

Integrating storage into staircases is a lot more popular in modern homes than some think. House G by Maxwan Architects + Urbanists demonstrated this in a big way, by integrating in large bookshelves and kitchen storage compartments into the planes of their staircase.