Discovering the South Florida Interior Design Style


South Florida boasts a modern, fresh take on home design, blending the aesthetics of any home’s interior and its furnishings perfectly with the exterior of the house and landscaping which embellishes the property with beauty and balance. While you can find a variety of tastes and décor assemblages to choose from, the touch offered in this particular area of the country is nothing short of extraordinary. Below we will discuss these four aspects of design and delve into a bit of detail regarding the visual elaborations and appeal of each.

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Interior Design with South Florida Flavor

Interior design can be done exquisitely for any size room, and you can choose from such personal design tastes like Traditional, Eclectic, Modern, Contemporary, and much more. You can easily coincide your home’s interior with the aesthetic of the outer structure in an all-inclusive manner or you can opt to design each individual room’s interior with a unique touch all its own. Everything from room restructuring to moldings to window placement to your new color scheme are simple to design and achieve, and your choices and possibilities are endless.

Your South Florida interior design scheme will also need to be accentuated with the ideal furniture for the atmosphere being created. Your design professional can assist you in finding only the perfect pieces for each and every room, from appliances to bedroom sets to family room arrangements you will be surrounded by South Florida spirit every time you enter your home.

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South Florida Exterior and Landscape Design

While many homes in South Florida possess a specific visual aura of design your home can remain yours and yours alone without compromising the beauty of exterior design available in the area. Everything from exterior remodeling, additions, lighting, and even special occasion and holiday lighting are available to adorn the beautiful new outer structure. Your home will be a wonderful, tangible way to get to know you and your family.

Attractive yet practical landscaping is popular in South Florida as well. Because of the climate much of the landscaping options used can be creatively included into your home’s exterior décor perfectly. From the second your family, friends, or other guests set eyes on your home for the first time they will be struck by the essence of the South Florida comfort and beauty it exudes.


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The Most Luxurious & Best South Florida Locations

When relocating to or building a new home in South Florida, consider the following fine areas:

  • Coral Gables: Located in Miami’s suburban area
  • Boca Raton
  • Naples
  • Columbia
  • Fort lauderdale


These areas are filled with comfortable, safe neighborhoods perfect for you and your family, with nearby parks and close-knit communities, you will also enjoy short commutes to shopping, parks, and other activities, and the schools in South Florida are wonderful. Pick up your feet today; begin to make that new (or old) house the South Florida beauty you are dreaming of. Go online or pickup that phone today and begin to make your South Florida home the Paradise you have desired.