Eco Friendly Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are pretty essential. In fact, it’s near impossible to find a kitchen without cabinets in some fashion. And, if you encounter someone who claims they don’t want kitchen cabinets, they’re likely going to have them installed anyway.

So, kitchen cabinets are pretty important. Though, it’s even more important to use recyclable materials to construct your next set of kitchen cabinets. Think about it. Many kitchen cabinets might be years old and ready for replacing.

When those cabinets were made, the contractors used materials that probably weren’t as ‘eco-friendly’ as they should be. By replacing those cabinets with eco-friendly cabinets, you’ll not only be making your kitchen more green, but you’ll be giving your kitchen a much needed upgrade.

Eco-friendly kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets have a pretty straightforward design, so there’s no real way to ‘mess up’ building them. You could, however, change the type of material you’d usually use to build a set of cabinets into a material that’s eco-friendly. Let’s look at some eco-friendly materials for kitchen cabinets.

Bamboo. This material is great for kitchens. It’s actually pretty hard and durable, a far cry from its reedy appearance when in its natural habitat. Bamboo grows pretty fast in its natural environment, making it one of the world’s best known renewable resources.

PaperStone. This material might make some question its durability, but it’s actually pretty strong. It’s recycled paper that’s been pressed into a stone-like material, so it handles in a similar manner to stone. PaperStone comes in various colors. It best uses are for counter tops and, you guessed it, cabinets.

Natural plaster. Natural plaster, also known as earth plaster, is made from natural clay. It comes in a variety of natural earthy pigments, too. It installs easily over most materials, including wood, adobe and dry wall. Natural plaster lets you finish wood cabinets, to provide an example, with an organic effect you probably couldn’t achieve with other types of finishing materials.

Recycled glass. Glass is an inventive way to add color accent to cabinet doors. Recycled glass does the trick. Since it comes in many colors, you can have recycled glass fashioned into a reinforced cabinet door and attach it to a wooden cabinet (or two).

Nowadays, being green is more important than ever. That’s why it’s important to ensure the material use to remodel don’t impact the environment as much as others do. You can get started being more green by installing eco-friendly kitchen cabinets today.