The Beauty of Wood Flooring

Changing a part of your home can give it a new and refreshing look even if it is already a decade old. Some home improvement ideas can also add value to your home, helping you demand a higher price in case you have plans of selling in the future. One home improvement idea that will surely make your home look more elegant is replacing your existing floor with wood flooring. Miami builders and flooring experts can give you plenty of design ideas to choose from which will meet your budget. However, before you go picking one, it is best to know the basic types of wood floors.

Engineered Wood Floor- It consists of three to nine layers of wood that are glued together. The way it is constructed, with the grains of each layer running perpendicular to each other, makes it more stable and more resistant to expansion and contraction.

Solid Wood Floor- Simply put, it is a solid piece of wood with a thickness of about 20mm. Its durability will depend on the hardness score of the specific type of wood from which it is made from. Since it is one solid piece, it has the tendency to shrink or swell as humidity changes, but it does give a very elegant finish to the floor.

Laminate Flooring- This is made of fiberboard with an image of wood glued on top. It is very cheap and, if laid right, can fool some people to believing that it is authentic wooden floor. However, it can be easily damaged and it is not that resistant to moisture.

From above, you can choose the best type that will meet your budget and aesthetic needs. Sometimes even cheap materials can look great with the help of brilliant design ideas. Concerning wood flooring, Miami interior designers, like us, are sure to provide you with various designs that can either complement your furniture or give your home a startlingly different look. Here are some ideas that can spark your interest.

Rustic Look- Wooden floors need not be so shiny all the time. Leaving it looking matte can give your home a different character, a little rustic like a wooden cottage. The natural beauty of the wood will make your house feel homier.

Reclaimed Wood- Wood is very durable. It can last for years and still look great. This is why it is not necessary to use newly cut wood for your floors. You can buy reclaimed wood from torn down properties as an alternative. They will give your home an antique yet luxurious look, not to mention that you are being eco-friendly.

Ebonized Wood- Black is beautiful and it shouts of elegance. Aside from staining and painting, another way to make wood black and opaque is by ebonizing. This gives the wood a very dark finish, which can make the simplest room look fabulous.

Puzzle Board- Wooden floors need not be made of planks of wood all the time. Give your floor a touch of artistry by cutting the wood in different shapes, like puzzle pieces. This will surely entertain your visitors.

If you need more ideas on wooden flooring, Miami interior designers here in Yomar Consulting can help you. We have been in the design market for 10 years and we have a dedicated flooring team that will work with you in coming up with the perfect and unique floor design for your home. Feel free to visit our Fort Lauderdale and Miami offices so that we can personally assist your new Wood Flooring project.