Interior Design Goes Green With Salvaged Material

When it comes to improving your home, a complete interior design makeover doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money. Using recycled material to give new life to any space inside your home is a trend that is quickly growing in popularity as people look to update their space. Not only are you able to cut interior design costs to a fraction of what you would pay if you went to a big box store and bought everything new, you will also do your part to help the environment—nothing allows you to go green more than recycling previously used materials.

If you decide to go green and used recycled and salvaged materials, though, it’s important that you are able to keep an open mind about what exactly can be done—you don’t have to use an old door as just a door for you home. Try thinking outside of the norm for a moment; that old door can have the knob removed, and have a glass panel placed on top and legs attached to be transformed into a unique dining table.

Yomar Nice, the owner of one of the top Interior Design companies in Florida, took a similar approach in one of her latest projects by using salvaged railroad ties to create a table. Featured recently in the Miami Herald, Nice said the important part about going green and salvaging old materials for interior design is doing it in an aesthetically pleasing way. This may take a little extra thought and creativity, but if done correctly the results can be unmatched by anything you will find in a store.

Salvaged material can come from just about anywhere. Oftentimes large companies will do complete makeovers of their commercial space and simply throw out their old material, regardless of what condition it is in. Keeping that material from ending up in some landfill will not only allow you to save money by salvaging it instead of purchasing it brand new, it will be better for the environment in the long run.

From windows, doors, rugs, crates, boxes, and dressers just about anything can be given new life in creative ways. The next time you decide you want to do any remodeling, consider using used and salvaged material for your interior design—you will be helping yourself with a cost effective makeover and future generations by taking care of the environment.