Interior Design: How to Create a Tropical Theme

Imagine having the opportunity to come home and have your own personal exotic retreat and hideaway.  There are thousands of home owners that are looking for different ways that they can use interior design to improve the aesthetic appeal of their home by transforming it into a tropical oasis.  With the opportunity to combine nature, organic textures, and organic colors, you will undoubtedly be able to create the perfect venue for an everyday staycation.

Choosing the Colors

The first thing to consider with any venture is the type of colors that you will want to choose for your home.  In terms of a tropical theme you will want to make your primary color a shade of brown, whether it is mocha, khaki, beige, or ivory.  These colors naturally occur in hardwoods and other plant life that you would find in a tropical location.  You should then consider greens as a secondary color such as sage, olive, or pine.  It can also be advantageous to use floral and tropical patterns as accent pieces throughout your home for a pop of color.  If you’re less interested in patterns and prints consider using brightly colored accessories such as aqua, coral, and pale yellow.

Choosing Furniture

The best way to ensure that you have a tropical interior design theme is to choose furniture that is constructed out of tropical woods such as bamboo, teak, and balsa.  For the exterior of your home, consider rattan and wicker as they are both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly durable.  Depending on the shade of brown that you used for the inside of your home, the color of your furniture will vary.  As an example, dark wood furniture is a better option for lighter colored walls and vice versa.

Plant Life and Greenery

A tropical themed home isn’t complete without the use of greenery and tropical plants.  The majority of tropical plants can be perfect indoor plants such as banana plants, rubber plants, and bamboo.  You can also use your plant life to add color throughout your home by adding brightly colored plants such as orchids.  Ensure that you do not overwhelm the inside of your home with too many plants as you won’t want it to resemble a wild jungle.  As previously mentioned, you can also use floral prints instead of actual flowers if you are a home owner who suffers from allergies.