The Fort Lauderdale Style of Interior Design

As a home owner it can be quite advantageous to think about the type of décor that you have inside of your home.  With the ability to completely transform the way that your home looks, you will be able to enjoy your investment more than if it is decorated with builder finishes.  Fort Lauderdale interior design is a great thing to take into consideration when you begin designing your home.  There are an ample amount of different design ideas that are frequently used by Fort Lauderdale interior designers to create a beautiful, relaxing, and entertaining Florida environment in your home.

Soothing Florida Style

What is the first thing that you think of when you hear the word “Florida”?  Generally it would be a relaxing vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  With that being said, implementing a soothing theme throughout your home will really help you to grasp the idea of Fort Lauderdale interior design.  Try using cool colors such as pale blues and different shades of white to create a serene atmosphere.  It is also important to ensure that all of the furniture in your rooms is symmetrical to create a tranquil flow room to room.

Relaxing and Comfortable Furniture

Another thing to consider in terms of Fort Lauderdale interior design is that you want your home to be both functional and comfortable at the same time.  This is when you will want to consider your furniture such as couches, stools, and dining room chairs.  Try to find designs that match the color schemes of your rooms to ensure that they are coordinated.  You can even find different types of furniture with relaxing patterns to help add interesting focal pieces in your favorite rooms.  Remember: comfort is the most important thing as you will want to be able to sit and/or lie down and enjoy your home.

Entertaining Purposes

Although Florida is renowned for its relaxation, it is equally popular for its vast amount of entertaining attractions.  Therefore you will also want to add comfortable rooms for entertaining your friends and family members during the week and weekends.  Consider opening a wet bar in your backyard or having a kitchen island with plenty of bar stools for everyone to gather together.  It can also be a great idea to have a sitting area large enough to fit at least 8 people as you can all get together and play board or card games.