Consider Going Neutral In Your Next Interior Design Project

If we talk about paint colors, then you must be aware of the fact that choosing a color for a residential place is directly related to the color therapy. Different colors have different effects on inmates. While bold colors make your room look brighter and vibrant, neutral colors are a bit on the side of dull effect. However, if you are not sure of what paint colors you should use in your home, then it is best to use neutral shades such as white, black, grey beige, brown and so on. These colors does not only give soothing feel to the ambience, but also considered auspicious in terms of positivity and happiness that they bring to a home. There are number of advantages of using neutral wall paint, over bright shades. You’ll be surprised to know about the positive effects that these colors can bring in to an interior design Miami and overall home environment.

Freedom and Flexibility
This is one of the major advantages of considering neutral colors for your home. These colors give you the freedom to experiment with the overall look or appearance of your home. You wouldn’t have to go by a specific theme, as the neutral shades are flexible when it comes selecting the color tones of other elements of a room. For instance: If you decide to go for ivory walls, then you get plenty of options to choose from in terms of furniture and accessories. You can go for black furniture with tints of red at random places, or alternatively consider white furniture with tints of dark orange. With neutral colors in consideration you can play with any shade you want when it comes to adding accessories. On the other hand, bold colors can limit your choices for selecting upholstery and furniture. You will have to work in contrast with the color you have chosen for your walls.

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Creates Warm and Welcoming Ambience
We all love to have home that exhibit warmness and pleasant ambience. It’s not only necessary for the inmates to have a pleasant atmosphere, but even guests love to get a warm welcome. A home that uses neutral colors naturally reflect warm and welcoming ambience. They create inviting environment for family and friends. Colors like beige and light shades of brown work best in both small, as well as large rooms.

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Suggestions For using Neutral Colors
Choosing among bold colors like fuchsia, red, orange, green, etc is not always easy. It requires a lot of time and efforts. Moreover, you have to take into account a lot of different things to make them suitable with your interior theme. So, it better to go for neutral shades as oppose to bold ones.

If you have moved to a new house and dread to experiment with colors, then it is best to use neutral shades like white and beige. You can paint 3 walls in white, and the fourth one with a different shade. You can also use wallpaper on the fourth wall to highlight it. It is best if the wall you are considering to highlight is less interrupted. As a matter of fact, you can use the back wall of your bed or sofa to highlight.

If you want to give your home dramatic touch without playing much with colors, then consider painting all the walls of your room in one color. Preferably, white or equivalent shades. Now, choose a wall that you would want to highlight. The best options are the back wall of your bed or sofa or the wall with a TV unit. You can pick a section or sections of this wall in equal proportion and decorate them with mosaics or abstract paintings. This will add charm and life to the neutral shade of the walls in a dramatized way. You can also use mosaic tiles to decorate your kitchen and bathrooms.

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So in conclusion, it can be said that neutral walls can give your home a whole new perspective of living. You get the opportunity to change the theme of your home as and when you like without making any major changes. If you still find yourself in doubt, then it’s better to seek professional help. There are number of interior decoration consultancies that you may consider. As for the recommendation, Yomar Consulting is one of the well known names in the industry of home improvement and interior design miami. With 10 years of professional experience and internationally recognized designs, the company can provide you with best home decoration ideas that can reflect your personality and lifestyle.