Best Colors for an Eco Friendly Interior Design

My how times change and now is the time for the environmentally conscious who are taking a stand when it comes to weddings, furniture and even recycling. They haven’ forgotten about their homes. What are the best colors for an eco friendly interior? Put on your interior design hat because the fun is beginning even in this area.

Best Colors for Eco Friendly Interior

Growth has happened and will continue for those companies that have a line of eco-friendly paint. Up first Farrow and Ball whose paint is water-based which reduced the solvents to a low and even zero VOC. Determined to be environmentally friendly, the paint colors are from natural pigments. The cost for a standard gallon is $95 from Farrow & Ball.

The Marston & Langinger Paint Range cost $75 for 5 liters. Customers can choose from over seventy shades available in mate and eggshell interiors and eggshell exteriors. A bonus for people who purchase this product it that once it is dry, it is safe for pets and children.

Have you heard of the company C2 Paint? Well they have C2 LoVO Paint meaning it is non-toxic and a low VOC paint with infinite color options. This paint can be customized in any color and is available in the full range of Philip’s Perfect Colors.

Ecotrend Collagen Paint doesn’t have VOC and is odorless. This paint uses collagen as the pain’s binder. Furthermore, it is rated very high in coverage.

Up until this point, we had not seen a paint that was organic nor biodegradable.

SafePaint steps up to the call and has created a zero-VOC, milk paint that can be used on walls. It is environmentally safe and non-toxic. Heads up there is a slight milk odor when it is applied. The cost for a gallon is $45.95.

Mythic Paint which is made by German Company, Auro, is now distributed in the US. This paint is non-toxic and has an ultra low paint odor. Two of its best features is it provides durability and coverage without emitting toxins. Cost is $43.99 per gallon.

As you can see, if you are concerned about the environment and want to have eco friendly interior, there are quite a few different paints to choose from. You have to decide between the colors; cost and how easy it is to purchase the paint. There are paints that are water-based, non-toxic and even non-flammable which may make you lean towards these paints just for those reasons.