2014 Interior Design Trends

The decorator in you has been waiting to get out. You are the person going to all new model homes on the weekend and seeing what is the latest decorations when it comes to every room in the house. You pay attention to paintings, patterns, color schemes and even fireplaces. It is 2014 and you are dying to know, what are the interior design trends for the year?

2014 Interior Design Trends

When it comes to colors, this year black will be the new gray. People are choosing black for rooms, bathrooms and even kitchens. They are also using the color for interior and exterior siding.  Are you the one who is fascinated with backsplashes?

This year it is all about metal. Metal tiles, stainless steel, glass and stone slab. What better way to give a look of sophistication and have low maintenance when it comes to cleaning.

Technology is changing the way people manage their houses. Many homeowners are pulling out their smartphones to control several independent systems throughout their entire house. Whether it is lighting, locks or even appliances, technology has taken over and made things more accessible by the touch of a button.

Men have spoken and a Man cave is becoming the norm instead of the unusual. The basement is paving the way for him to mark his territory and use it as he desires. Hopefully is family will be on the same page and agree he deserves a getaway within the home.

Yes wipe your eyes because you may not believe the latest trend coming to the scene. High end urinals are making their way to homes and are not just for public restrooms anymore.

Tired of mowing the lawns? You are not alone and people are choosing to go to synthetic lawns and even landscaped green spaces.

Making a come back this year is wood grain. People are opting for natural beauty over painting. Butcher block is re-appearing as the choice for counters and hardwood.

Not only are people using technology to control things in their house, in the living room it is quickly becoming a virtual reality control center. Prepare to enter into another dimension.