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Here from start to finish

In what for many can be an intimidating and confusing process, the team at Yomar Consulting is dedicated to helping our clients through each step of their design project. Our specialty is giving clients a seamless, full-service experience from top to bottom. From conceptualization of design and the selection of materials selection to the completion of the installation process, our team ensures every detail is carried out as envisioned by our clients. Our company offers a virtually unlimited list of capabilities because of our unrivaled and varied experience in the design industry. Our workshop has numerous skilled craftsmen working to bring your ideas to life. We offer our customers a number of valuable resources from design to execution, and we provide a map for the journey to project completion; a guide to the achievement of excellence.

What’s more? We’re a full-service team from start to finish, and that’s a promise – not a space filler. At Yomar Consulting, we handle all of the details of a project so that you can focus on your normal day-to-day obligations. Isn’t that why you hire a team of experts in the first place?

From permits to the hiring of general contractors, designers and fabricators, we cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i.’ Our reputation stands on its own and we’ve worked tirelessly for the privilege of calling ourselves the standard-bearer for service excellence and quality in Miami home customizations.

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These are just a few of the services we can provide for you:

  • Consultation to establish the project parameters
  • Selection of Materials
  • Budget Preparation
  • Generate ideas for the functional and aesthetic possibilities of the space
  • Space plan as well as develop floor and furniture plan recommendations
  • Lighting Design
  • Select and specify furnishings, art work and accessories
  • Custom cuts, and carving of materials
  • Purchase products and fixtures for all aspects of the project from floor to ceiling and placement of same
  • Design and manage fabrication of custom furnishings and interior details
  • Project supervision
  • Coordinate, monitor and manage all interior and exterior furnishings from idea to installation completion