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Pool Designs

Swimming pools were once viewed primarily in terms of function; a grand basin for cooling off on one of Miami’s hot summer – or even winter – days.

No more, however. Indeed, a customized Miami swimming pool is now an opportunity to extend the best of a home’s design while making a ‘splash’ in terms of style and sophistication. As the centerpiece of your back yard, a custom swimming pool is also the focal point of its design. What better way to cool off on a hot Miami summer day than in the luxury of your own customized swimming pool, crafted from your unique vision? The choices, of course, are limited only by your imagination. Our team of top-notch designers will work with you to hand-pick the style of your pool, from a standard in-ground or infinity-style to a customized grotto or beyond.

We also fashion our designs to incorporate precious stones and tiles that inspire, to take your custom designed swimming pool from a destination for cool downs to a haven for entertainment, fun and more. With that said, our team of designers doesn’t stop at the water. Sound systems, outdoor furniture, greenery and food preparation/eating areas are also incorporated into our wide range of services, as well as waterfalls, slides, and stone work, too.

Another factor to consider in your design is who you expect to use the pool. Will it be families with small children, or will it more likely be adults? And will its purpose be fun and partying, or relaxation and unwinding? The answers to these questions will help define which types of stones and materials to use, as well as the depth of the water and more. For an expert customized swimming pool in Miami, with unrivaled quality and a standard for excellence, look no further than Yomar Consulting.