Living Rooms

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Living Room Interior Decorating and Design

Yomar Consulting is Miami’s premier custom living room design team, and with good reason. As is the case with all of our design plans and executions, we look at custom living room design as more than a project with a finish line and a ‘one-size-fits all’ method of completion. Indeed, we imagine the space as it will be used by your family and consider your personal preferences in style, functionality and more.

Will your custom Miami living room be a place for rest and relaxation with the family, or will it be a dwelling for the entertainment of guests? Or something else altogether? The answer to this question will define a number of things about your luxury living room project, including the selection of fabrics and light fixtures, as well as the choice of accent furniture and much more.In addition, we generate our ideas, materials and executions from a wide variety of inspirational sources and destinations.

That means precious stones from throughout the world, flooring styles and finishes for all preferences and styles, furnishings for modern and classic tastes, and functional executions that will create a space that is uniquely designed for your specific needs. But there’s more to the living room than what is inside it, literally speaking. We’ll also consult you in regards to your choice and selection in windows, doors, space dividers, and more, as each has a profound impact on the overall feel and energy that will permeate the space.

We’ll even customize your selections to your preference. Will your custom Miami living room be warm and cozy or open and inspiring? Generous in terms of seating, or vast in terms of space with a freedom to move around? For an expert customized living room in Miami, with unrivaled quality and a standard for excellence, look no further than Yomar Consulting.