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Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen is perhaps one of the most personal rooms in your home. Naturally, it’s where meals are prepared, but it’s often an embodiment of much more. Indeed, a customized luxury kitchen isn’t just tile, counter tops, light fixtures and appliances. It’s where families retreat for conversations and interactions at the end of the day. Where they come together and reconnect. To recharge and refuel. As such, we work tirelessly to create a space that matches form and function without neglecting those who will fill the space,

What does that mean?

Our Yomar Consulting Kitchen Remodeling team will create a vision for a kitchen that matches your needs and expectations. Is it a breakfast nook? A pass-through? How about Modern Kitchen Cabinets? A haven for your family and your guests?

The answer to these questions will frame your vision for the room, and allow us the appropriate insight for transforming that dream into a living space. We’ll work with you to hand pick the style of the cabinets – the finish, the color, the type of wood, glass/no glass, etc. – right on down to the style and finish of the handles. We can even create custom vanities and kitchen counter tops to your liking, with consideration for the types of materials and finishes, to the places from which the materials are sourced. Which types of tiles will you use? What will the sizes be? What are the appropriate styles and sizes for your appliances, based on your perceived needs within the space? Will your backsplashes serve as an accent or a style statement? Are your colors intended to energize or convey calm? How about your choices in paint? We’ll think of it all, and we’ll execute it to perfection, exactly as you envision it. The Yomar Consulting promise is to deliver a standard of luxury and excellence in our service and execution, every single time.