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When it comes to setting a standard of excellence in Miami custom home design, details are everything. The good news for you? We do that, too. We understand that standard selections in furnishings and various accoutrements in your home may not be the best solution to meet your needs, and our variety of service offerings reflects that.

At Yomar Consulting, our expert team of designers and fabricators can create custom designs for everything from vanities and staircases to waterfalls, luxury furniture and more. What’s more? We’re a full-service team, which means we’ll design it, work with the necessary architects to fine tune it, secure the necessary permits to complete the job, and assign the proper experts to fabricate and finish the product.

Custom fabrications are necessary for logistical purposes from time to time, but they’re essential to the completion of a project that drips with luxury and unrivaled quality.

Unique to you, unique to your space. For example, if you’re creating a bathroom that utilizes every inch of space to the best of its purpose, a custom vanity may be necessary. And in terms of style? We’ve got an answer for that, too. You may have a staircase that meets your expectations for function, but our team of expert fabricators can outfit a solution that also incorporate excellence in design that can’t be matched. Is furniture your area of need?

You may have a luxurious sofa in mind, for example, but it may be crafted from a material that leaves something to be desired. Or perhaps the color or stitching isn’t to your liking. Not to worry – we do that, too. Our Yomar Consulting team will customize furniture that will unequivocally match your style expectations without compromising the use of your space. For standard-setting quality, inspiration and service, call us today.