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Bathroom Remodeling

Not everyone has the time for frequent visits to the spa, but that doesn’t mean you can’t savor and lavish in luxury in the meantime. Want to create a serene oasis for relaxation and pampering? We have the expertise to do it. Looking for function over form, with plenty of storage for linens, toiletries, and more? We have the expertise to do that, too.Our Yomar Consulting team is both thoroughly adept and endlessly creative when it comes to being Miami’s premier custom bathroom designers, for whatever your needs may be. Your bathroom is a haven for many of your valuable and necessary daily activities. You deserve to enjoy every minute you spend there.

So how do we showcase ourselves as the best custom bathroom designers in Miami? With an obsessive focus on perfection, an unrelenting attention to detail, and an eye for the rarest quality.

From the selection of extravagant tiles to the selection and hand-crafting of the finest materials for custom fixtures, stone designs and much more, the journey into our vision of splendor has just begun. Our team will also generate solutions with integrated technology capabilities, including sound systems, climate controls, customized water settings, and more. We’ll also hand-pick the proper lighting for your space, to not only adequately illuminate the bathroom, but to provide a flattering glow to the subjects and items worthy of attention.

In addition, we deliver innovative storage solutions, waterfall showers, spas and customized tubs, and sumptuous selections of color, too, as well as rare stones for baths. The finishing touches are given first-rate consideration, too, from faucets and fixtures to baseboards and finishes. For an expert customized bathroom in Miami, with unrivaled quality and a standard of excellence, look no further than Yomar Consulting.