Custom interior design work is as unequivocally unique as the individual it’s being created for. It’s about crafting an aesthetic masterpiece on a foundation of function without compromising quality. Every time. It’s what transforms an impressive property or space into a domain of luxury; an oasis of excellence. And that’s what Yomar Consulting is all about. Excellence. It’s what we pride ourselves on and it’s what we’re known for.

With that said, we understand that saying who we are is one thing. Proving it is another. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive portfolio section to properly and adequately showcase our work. Organized by category, you’ll see everything we do – custom living rooms, luxury bedrooms, custom bathrooms, custom designed bedrooms, luxury kitchen designs, custom flooring, luxury swimming pool design, and custom fabrications, too.

In addition, each section includes images of our respective categories of expertise, differentiated to showcase a variety of flairs, styles and tastes. Of course, our capabilities and custom home design work are not limited to what you’ll find in our portfolio, but it will serve as a fairly competent showcase of our ability to meet the demands of drastically different clients. Some clients are drawn to modern, luxurious designs. Others are captivated by stately, classic design work. And in between those two options lay options for ornate, elaborate customizations, or simple, minimalist designs, which are showcased in a number of ways in our following portfolio section.

Our Services and Portfolio include

With that said, you may discover that the images in our portfolio section don’t include some of the things you have in mind for your specific custom interior design project. Not to worry. You’re encouraged to call us with all of the details of your vision so that we can not only better cater our services to you, but also show you portfolio pieces that better encompass what it is you’re looking to do, and how we can help you do it. Here are some areas of our expertise.